The Spectrum Playground

644432_10206256270674035_2903755136533899911_nPopping up in the Domain for a short time, the Spectrum Playground had the feel of a small festival with its live music, gourmet food trucks and massive toilet queues. It was beautifully¬†decked out with fairy lights dangling between trees and brightly light block letters spelling out odd phrases. I felt slightly like I was in a Tim Walker picture which is never a bad thing in my book. The reason for my visit (although you could happily wander aimlessely) was the off shoot of the Golden Age Cinema. Here were screenings of old classics and cult favourites in the open air but with induvidual headphones to block out the sound of the surrounding playground; call it a silent disco for movie lovers. I was there for a screening of one of my favourites; the Coen brother’s The Big Lebowski. The atmosphere was wonderful, and although it rained most of the way through noone was put off, we simply donned rain ponchos and continued watching, unable to drag our eyes away from the Dude and his search for his rug.¬†10431532_10206256300994793_984861035341483364_n

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