A Visit to Fort Kochi, Kerala



Famous for the iconic Chinese fishing nets which line the harbour, an abundance of palm trees and a church dedicated to Portuguese settlers, Fort Kochi is not what springs to mind when thinking of an Indian city.

Having passed from the hands of the Portuguese to the Dutch and finally the British, the city contains many reminders of its European inhabitants. One particularly impressive landmark being the beautiful St Francis Church where Vasco de Gama was once buried. It’s streets remain an untouched relic of colonial occupation and create a vast contrast to the thriving nearby city of Kochi. As you amble around the tiny and boutique town, marvel at its iconic parts, the chinese fishing nets and the glorious churches. You will also find old tea rooms full of vintage copper tea sets, or tiny art galleries giving way to hidden outdoor cafes where the greenery tumbles down the walls to meet your gourmet omelettes.

As well as these plush food spots, Fort Kochi is home to some of the best shopping in Kerala. The market stalls are still packed with elephant print trousers and om tshirts. But venture into a side street boutique and you will find one offs; star embroidered eiderdowns or a moonstone necklace. Whilst some shops resemble antique or bric a brac with a jumbled assortment of wooden objects, trays of silver jewellery and racks of clothing.


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