Golfing the Nullarbor 

It is one of the largest stretches of nothing anywhere and contains Australia’s longest straight road. 145.6km of road that the Romans would be proud of. In order to make this a little more exciting Nullarbor Links has set up what is referred to as ‘the world’s longest golf course’, 18 holes stretched over 1,365 km, each hole set up at roadhouses or towns along the way. We were travelling east to west, so our first stop was Wombat Hole in Ceduna. We stopped at the roadhouse and after making quick enquiries came away with two sets of golf clubs, (at $5 each), a handful of balls and directions to the hole. A quick drive brought us to the start of the hole, and despite there being a map it quickly became clear that the end was not going to be easy to find. Set amongst the Australian outback, the flat landscape awash with long grass made it very hard to see what we were aiming for. Eventually, after a great many hits and after a few players had given up altogether we found the hole and eventually all three balls had found their way inside. It had taken far longer than we had anticipated to complete even one hole, but had been a welcome break to the otherwise bleak drive and a fun way to spend an hour. However we decided that in the interest of actually reaching our destination we probably wouldn’t be playing all 18 holes.



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