Things To Do In Australia’s Red Centre: Kings Canyon


It was one of the first real hot days we had seen in a while having just braved the cyclone which hit South Australia, so seeing the numerous signs warning of extreme heat and little shade on the rim walk we started to waver. I had done this walk before however and as one of my friends looked at me and asked ‘is it worth it’. I stated vehemently that it was.

We set off for the 3-4 hour walk beginning with the steep ascent up to the top of the canyon. The day turned out to not be too hot and with of plenty of water the walk was easily manageable, and definitely worth it. The changing landscape around Kings Canyon; the vast never ending plains and the more enclosed and fertile pools make for a diverse walk. The vivid sandstone dunes that line the edge of the canyon giving the alien feeling of a Star Wars movie. It is unlike much else and one of the most popular sites to visit in the outback. In this instance it is definitely worth heeding to the masses.



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