Things to do in South Australia

It is not famed for miles of endless coastlines like Western Australia or Queensland. Adelaide does not have the reputation of Sydney or Melbourne. And it is usually the Northern Territory which is the spot for the rugged and red Australian outback. For this reason South Australia is often overlooked and not normally high on anyones Australian adventure. Despite this South Australia has a lot to offer and is packed with sights to see, things to do and reasons to visit.


Regional Work 

This may not sound like the most fun reason to visit a state, but given that those with a working holiday visa have the chance of a year long extension, this is worth doing. There is work all around South Australia, particularly in The Riverlands. Citrus and Avocados through the winter, stone fruit in the summer as well as grape and vineyard work. The seasons here are long and unlike states like Queensland, South Australia is not over saturated with backpackers meaning it is easier to find and hold onto work. South Australia is a good place to find your farm job and stick in the same place for the duration getting your 88 days over and done with.


Murray River

As Australias longest river, it isn’t solely to be found in South Australia. However, when it does flow through the riverlands it provides a beautiful backdrop for walks and boat trips in regional areas. It is also in South Australia where we can find the Murray River National Park. This protected area of South Australia can be found in three areas in Berri, Renamark, and Lyrup. The sparse bushlands situated on the banks of this huge river are a beautiful spot for camping, fishing and walking.



Flinders Ranges

North of Adelaide is South Australia’s largest mountain range, the Flinders Ranges. This stunning area is home to some wonderfully diverse spots for hiking and walking; some more rugged than others. The highlight perhaps is Wilpena Pound, an 80km squared amphitheatre which features the ranges’ highest peak. The site has a campground as well as an information centre which provides maps and details about the walks in the area. Other highlights of the Ranges include, Devil’s Peak; one of the peaks with stunning views of the ranges, and Mount Remarkable National Park, home to Alligator gorge. A winding river cutting through the national park, providing a diverse, interesting walking experience.



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