Where To Stop: Australia’s South West Coast

Following the Google maps route from South Australia to Perth will take you there via the most direct route. At Norseman you continue on an inland road in a fairly straight line until you reach the city. Ignoring the most direct route however, taking the coastal road from Norseman will bring you to some of the most beautiful spots in Western Australia. The coast that runs along the bottom peninsula may seem like a detour when Perth is the destination but the extra road time is worth it for the idyllic beaches, national parks and quaint towns you pass.



It is 9 hours past the WA border that you reach Esperance due to the winding and indirect nature of the Australian highway. The town itself is reminiscent of any thriving beachside dwelling. Plenty of restaurants, cafes and surf shops line the streets alongside a vividly blue ocean. But a short drive away from the town itself are a number of national parks, one of which, Cape le Grand is home to Lucky Bay. A beach famed not only for its crisp white sand and shockingly turquoise water, but for the fact that Kangaroos are known to hang out on the sand. The national park is home to many other beautiful spots and walks as the coastline around here starts to become more rocky and diverse, with many hilltop walks giving a spectacular and far reaching view.



As mentioned before the coastline around this southern peninsula is fairly rocky. So for anyone like me who sees a rock and starts clambering up it, the beaches of Denmark and Albany are a must see. The Elephant rocks in William Bay National Park were a particular highlight. A cluster of rocks sat in the shallows, they are named because of their resemblance to a group of elephants. The beach is accessible via a staircase down and the rocky outcrop breaks the smooth water creating breakage and swell as it hits the rocks.

The town of Denmark is also worth a walk around. Filled with interesting antique and nic nac stores it has a really chilled vibe which is perfect for an evening meal or drink.




Margaret River

Margaret River is already heavily on the map as a tourist destination due to its wine production. Tourists flock to Margaret River for the wine tasting, and why not? The amount of wineries in this area is staggering, on the drive along Caves Road you will pass one after the other offering cellar door tastings as well as restaurants all set amongst the gorgeous rural surroundings. As well as this, the southern area of Western Australia is often know as Humpback Highway, as the whales migrate from Antarctica to the warmer north. The Margaret River region is a great place to spot whales, particularly from September to December as the females return to nurse their young. After a days wine tasting drive to the tip of Cape Naturaliste and see if you can spot any whales as the sun goes down.





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