Gallery: Western Australia

It may be Australia’s largest state but contains only 11% of the country’s population, 92% of which live in the south west corner. This leaves the majority of the state as a sparse and deserted natural wonder. It may not have the such renown as states like Queensland, but it is a mystery as to why. Gorgeous beaches from Denmark to Shark Bay to Broome line the coast. Whales migrate past the southern clifftops and whale sharks can be spotted at Ningaloo Reef. Coral Bay and Exmouth boast some of the most diverse and undisturbed snorkelling spots in Australia and lets not forget the national parks; Cape le Grand in the south and Karijini further north provide the outdoorsy type with plenty of entertainment. All of this with the absence of the multitude of tour buses, backpackers, and holidaymakers who line the East Coast. Driving in Western Australia means seeing only a handful of cars, camping on deserted beaches and enjoying stunning landscapes unencumbered by selfie sticks. Get it while its quiet.



13048125_10209249669747141_2047607723000316535_o - Copy







13041144_10209249685307530_6550118361500837028_o - Copy

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