5 Weird and Wonderful things to do in Da Lat

Like much of Vietnam, the scenery of Da Lat is spectacular. Set in the central highlands, the city’s architecture retains its French colonial feel which, combined with the temperate climate and surrounding woodland, makes for a gorgeous destination. As well as looking lovely, Da Lat has a great many attractions to offer the tourist, some of which are stranger than others.



Weasel Coffee Farm

You can find the famed ‘weasel coffee’ all over Vietnam. The idea behind the process is that Weasels eat the coffee beans, they digest the beans, then they excrete the beans and we drink the coffee. In Da Lat you can visit a plantation where you not only see the coffee growing neatly on the hillside, but the weasels kept for the process. The onsite café gives great views and the coffee was pretty good too, once you get past its strange origins. (60,000 dong for a mug of weasel coffee)


Ride your own rollercoaster

Aware probably that a vast majority of the population is incredibly lazy, a lot of waterfall or hilltop attractions have cable cars of funicular railways to whizz you to the top. Datanla falls has taken this a step further and built a drive your own rollercoaster. The rollercoaster is much like a smallish one you would find at a pier and you race along the tracks in your single man car. The twist is that you are in control of the stopping and starting. With your own break you can slow down or stop the cart at any point. Particularly handy when you race around a corner and nearly crash into the car in front. (60,000 dong return)




Maze Bar

Maze Bar in the centre of Da Lat is true to its name. A winding labyrinth of stairs and cubby holes intertwining through the multi- stored building. The bar has a feel of an underground cave. The walls and ceiling are decked out to mimic rocks or trees and it is full of a jumble of mis-matched furniture and decoration. If you can find it, the bar does open out on one floor and even has a balcony, giving you time to get a drink and breathe.


Cable Car

Less weird, more wonderful. This gently sweeping cable car takes you all the way to the top of the valley and back down again, giving you the full effect of the beautiful  landscape of Da Lat. (80,000 dong return)




Elephant Waterfalls

This was easily the most impressive waterfall I had seen in Vietnam. The kind that drenched you in a second even if you were standing feet away from it. A huge forceful cascade that falls down the hillside before joining the river. (20,000 dong entrance)

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