Things to do in Sapa

It is generally agreed that Sapa is one of the more beautiful regions in Vietnam. High up in the northern hills, layer upon layer of lush green rice paddies make up your everyday view. Coupled with a great number of natural pools and waterfalls, and a town resembling an alpine ski resort, Sapa really is an amazing place with plenty to do.



Stay in a homestay
There are hostels in the town, but if you get out into the hills your accommodation will be combined with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Make friends with the children who rampage, enjoy the presence of a number of pets and watch the women as they work, weaving or shelling corn. And of course, join in with the communal family dinner every night.



Even for those, like me, who wouldn’t consider themselves a big fan of trekking, in Sapa it is a must. The views are most definitely worth it, this kind of natural beauty was meant to be tramped through. But, more than that, there are a great many villages hidden away amongst the corn fields and the rice paddies on the hillside. It is only by walking through it that you can discover this slice of local life, and people. Plus you’ll more than likely get to a waterfall and get a chance to cool off and relax.



Waterfalls and Cliff Jumping
There are a great many waterfalls in the Sapa region. Some more popular than others, Silver Falls and Love waterfalls, both outside the town are favourites and cost money but are nice places for a swim. A little bit of exploration in the countryside however will bring you to other parts of the river which offer quieter spots for swimming and cliff jumping into these natural pools.
Bike $5 a day
Love waterfall 70,000 entrance




The roads are terrible, huge stones and patches of gravel litter the way. However, the view more than makes up for it. The windy mountain paths mean that at every bend a new vista of deep valleys, green fields and winding riverbeds open up to you. If you enjoy driving, particularly on a bike then this is the perfect place to indulge.



Relax and Recharge
Sat at a hostel or a cafe atop a hill with a good vietnamese coffee and a book sounds like a perfect day to me. Whatever your pleasure, the peaceful natural surroundings cool air and, have I mentioned the gorgeous views, make Sapa a great place just to chill and unwind.

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