Havana: Gallery

Havana is a unique city that retains all the famous charms of a lost era. There are no chains, no recognisable brand names. It is full of grand old architecture and of course the infamous vintage cars. But underneath this aesthetic grandeur, Havana is a city awash with life and colour. The streets are thriving and painted with bright facades. The artistic culture of the city is growing each day, with bars and restaurants becoming more trendy and new and exciting galleries and creative spaces popping up. Yet, Havana retains a wonderful authenticity. With the current boom born out of its political history the city and its inhabitants have certainly got something to say.



A ceiling view of the old presidential palace of Havana, now the museo de la revolucion



A view down one of the many bustling streets of Havana



The iconic vintage cars that throng the city



Salsa dancers at the Fabrica Del Arte in Vedado




The famous Hotel Inglaterra in Parque Central, old Havana




A drive along The Malecon in a vintage car




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