ICS Volunteer Diary: Tanzanian Village Life

Mkindo is a small rural village in Tanzania, a couple of hours outside the city of Morogoro. Living there gave me ample opportunity to get to know the generous and spirited people of this village. Shopping at the local stores, going to the market and to church on Sundays integrated us into the local community. We were invited to people’s houses and celebrations and saw first hand just how tight knit and welcoming a place like this can be. Our community action days saw turnouts between 700-1000 people and it was incredible to meet so many people who were so encouraging of our project and who had a wonderful outlook on life. Despite any hardships or lack of material goods, life in Tanzania was sociable and lively. The village played loud music and always seemed to be having wild parties and felt more alive than anywhere else I have lived.



The local stop for all your stationary needs



A local women’s group meeting


DSC_0426 (2)_edited

Chase the chicken, a traditional Tanzanian game played at an Action Day



A trip to the local market


DSC_0487 (3)_edited

Local children watch us while we work

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