ICS Volunteer Diary: Action Day Gallery

As part of our project with Raleigh International we organised two community Action Days or ‘Bonanzas’ as the village appealingly calls them. These involve us bringing the community together for a day of Water and Sanitation themed fun. Our first Action Day was in week 3 of our time in community. Although we were relatively new faces in Mkindo, we managed to attract over 700 community members. We hosted an array of games including sack races, tug of war and Tanzanian favourite; chase the chicken. With the help of our SWASH (water, sanitation and hygiene in schools) club we also gave a presentation concerning our project and covering some of the topics we had taught in school such as hand washing and the importance of clean water. There was a palpable sense of community spirit and the volunteers joined the Village Executive Officer in managing the games. It was an opportunity for us to see more of the community we are here to support, and a chance for them to see more of us, including a terrible dance performance we gave at the end. Although at times it felt shambolic, the whole thing was a great success and gave us much encouragement for our next bonanza.



DSC_0226 (3).JPG




DSC_0323 (2)


DSC_0266 (2)_edited


DSC_0291 (3)_edited


DSC_0426 (2)_edited




DSC_0482 (2)_edited


DSC_0488 (2)_edited

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